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pueblo-colorado-8Pueblo, Colorado has a long, welcoming and colorful history. Nomadic tribes of Cheyenne, Ute, Arapaho and Navajo crisscrossed the area taking advantage of the mild temperatures and abundant water. The fall of 1806 brought Lt. Zebulon Montgomery Pike to the area where he spent some time on his search for the headwaters of the Arkansas River. His maps of the area, and throughout the southwest, helped lead the way west for many pioneers. In 1842, a trapping and trading fort was created near the confluence of the Arkansas and Fountain rivers and in a few years Fort Pueblo became a larger city called Pueblo. With the rush to Colorado in the late 1800’s Pueblo became a leading industrial center with smelters and a steel mill offering jobs to thousands of immigrants from around the world.

Pueblo has grown into a strong city with a great ethnic mix. It is an educational center, a medical center and a shopping center for all of Southeastern Colorado.

Pueblo has had a long partnership with the military. In WWII an Army Airbase was created east of the city and the Pueblo Depot Activity was built further east to store military weapons and equipment of all kinds as well as chemical weapons and military archives after WWII and was the second largest depot of its kind in the 1940’s.

During WWII, Korea and Vietnam, four men from Pueblo were singled out to receive the Medal of Honor for bravery in action above and beyond the call of duty. William Crawford – Army – WWII; Carl L. Sitter – Marine – Korea; Raymond “Jerry” Murphy – Marine – Korea and Drew D. Dix – Army Special Forces – Vietnam.

In 1993 Pueblo became known as Home of Heroes when the names of Pueblo’s four Medal of Honor recipients and their citations were read into the (103rd) Congressional Record by Colorado Congressman Scott McInnis. Pueblo was cited with being the only city in the United States with four living Medal of Honor recipients at the time.

Several years later an effort to create sculptures of Pueblo’s four Medal of Honor recipients was led by Robert H. Rawlings, owner and publisher of The Pueblo Chieftain newspaper. In September 2000, the memorial was unveiled at the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s national convention in Pueblo and 97 of the 147 Medal of Honor recipients were present for the event.

A Veteran’s Bridge has recently been added to the downtown Riverwalk urban park and it has the names of over 6,000 local and regional veterans.

Pueblo is proud of its military and the rich military history.

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