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Pueblo Home of Heroes Association

pueblomohassociation-LogoWebThe mission of the Pueblo Medal of Honor Foundation is to preserve and expand the memorial dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients; to advance the history of the Medal of Honor; honor the legacy of those who have received the Award nationwide; to promote democratic ideals; and encourage among the people of the United States, and especially it’s youth, citizenship, character, integrity and selflessness as epitomized by the Medal of Honor.
Four MOH Statues Web
The Pueblo Medal of Honor Foundation hosted the Congressional Medal of Honor National Convention in September of 2000 and unveiled four sculptures to Pueblos four Medal of Honor recipients Crawford, Sitter, Murphy and Dix as well as a list on granite plates of ALL Medal of Honor Recipients since the Civil War when the award was first created.

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Congressional Medal of Honor Society Liaisons

  • Tom Kelly – Medal of Honor Recipient and President of the CMOH Society
  • Drew D. Dix -Medal of Honor Recipient

Executive Committee

  • Paulette Stuart – Convention 2017 Chairwoman
  • Jim Stuart – Convention 2017 Co-chair
  • Nathan Cape – Fundraising Chair/Treasurer
  • Andy Hauk – Transportation Chair
  • Skip Ladd – Host Coordinator
  • Gary Micheli – Safety/Security Chair
  • Charlie Taylor – Military/Veterans/JROTC Coordinator
  • Cindy Montanez – Hospitality Chair
  • Bernadette Padula – Decorations Chair
  • Michael Sumida – Event Logistics Liaison
  • Henry Roman – School Visit Chair
  • Donielle Gonzalez – Greater Pueblo Chamber Liaison
  • Matt Albright – Director of Communications
  • Katera Buckland – Pueblo Convention Center Liaison
  • Sue Smith – Denver Liaison